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Items Prohibited in Storage Unit

When preparing what to place in your storage unit, whether for business or personal functions, think about what might be prohibited from being stored by a self storage facility. Common sense dictates the fact that certain items cannot placed in a self storage facility (not to mention several State and Federal Laws). This is for the protection of not simply you and your possessions, but the storage facility's staff as well as other customers and their goods. At the time you sign your rental agreement, you will be acknowledging that you comprehend and accept the rules and limitations for what items are allowable.


As a basic rule, any item or material that is considered hazardous or alive will not be permitted.

In preparation for renting a storage unit, make out a preliminary inventory of the products you wish to store. Bring this with you to review with the storage office staff to make sure you'll be in complete compliance with the list of allowable items. If you are unsure of any of your items eligibility for self storage, just call the self storage facility to clarify any concerns that you may have.  This will avoid any associated inconvenience prior to your arrival at the storage site.


Items That Need Special Consideration Prior to Storage  Prohibited from Storage


Hazardous, Combustible, Toxic Materials, and Chemicals CANNOT be put into self storage.

If an item is inherently unsafe, then it is ineligible for being storage at a self storage facility. These types of things include gasoline (unless in a vehicle), propane tanks, compressed gas, kerosene, oil, grease, acids, corrosives, fertilizers, paint, cleaners, chemicals, illicit drugs and medications, or dangerous, toxic or biological waste. Asbestos products are not permitted. You also can not store fireworks, dynamites, weapons or ammunition.


Perishable Food and Animal Products CANNOT be Kept in a Self Storage Unit

Canned foods can be kept in storage units, however perishable foodstuff such as grains, produce or meats are not are prohibited. These things can potentially spoil and attract pests and insects.


Cars, Trucks, ATVs, Motor Cycles, Personal Water Craft, and Boats Need Special Care Before Storing

The storage of vehicles is very common at self storage facilities. However, only as long as they have current registration, insurance, and are in functional order. If you are going to store a vehicle, you will need to provide San Clemente Self Storage with a copy of the current registration and insurance in your name. The vehicle will also need to remain in functional order.  You will want to make sure that you have the vehicle “cleaned and tuned up” before you put it in long storage - dirt, dust, and grime are the enemy and can deteriorate paint, wiring, and rubber.  For further hints on car storage, please see our "Car Storage" section.  


Sales/Medical/Pharmaceutical Materials & Devices Need Special Consideration Before Being Put Into Self Storage

If you are a sales rep, you might find a self storage unit a hassle-free location to manage samples, such as medical supplies and pharmaceutical samples. Storage units are a great solution for keeping your products organized and easily accessible without littering up your office or filling up the trunk of your car.  While a lot of materials are acceptable, radioactive devices, or anything that contains radioactive materials cannot be placed in a storage unit.


Construction Equipment Need Special Caution

For many contractors, the rental of a storage unit is the perfect solution for storing their equipment (particularly large items).  Storage units offer the hassle-free ability to pick up or drop off your equipment as you go to and from a job!  Not to mention, storage unit rental at San Clemente Self Storage is on a month to month basis, which is great for short term jobs. Be careful though in how you storage heavy or dangerous equipment.


Miscellaneous Prohibited Items

Any animals or plants -- alive or dead -- are prohibited from being kept in self storage units.  Stolen items or illegal paraphernalia are also no-no’s.  The use of the facility's electrical outlets is prohibited. For example, the facility' electricity can not be used to run refrigerators, generators, space heaters, freezers, or for the purpose of living in the storage unit or other personal uses.  Storage units must be used for storage of permissible items only and cannot be used for other purposes such as band practice, offices, conducting business, sleeping, or parties.


If you have any question about the items you wish to place in storage, always take the conservative route and ask our staff at San Clemente Self Storage for prior approval.  Remember, most self storage facilities have security cameras which catch folks trying store items that they should not store, not to mention that some facilities have their property search every other month by local law enforcement officials who use “police dogs” to sniff out unwanted items.  


We hope that these Storage Tips have given you a plethora of helpful hints that will make your storage experience very positive. If you still are trying to decide what size storage unit you need, please check out our interactive "Storage Calculator" on this website.


Please come visit us at San Clemente Self Storage to meet our friendly staff and to get a tour of our wonderful facility.  For directions and an interactive map, simply click on the Directions tab or call us at 949-366-1133.


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