Rental Process

Renting a storage unit is not a complicated process, but knowing the steps involved in the process can help you save time and money. We have summarized the self storage rental process into 6 steps set forth below. San Clemente Self Storage offers the perfect solution to your self storage needs. With over 700 storage units, we are sure to find one that will fit your storage requirements.

The Self Storage Rental Process - 6 Steps


Before you start shopping for storage in San Clemente, you will need to determine the size of storage unit that will meet your requirements. San Clemente offers a wide variety of storage units sizes from small (5'x5') to large (15'x30'). To help you better estimate a storage unit size that will meet your needs, try using our online Storage Calculator on this website. You can also ask our knowledgeable staff to assist you in determining which size storage unit will work best for you.


Are you only going to have the storage unit for a short term or a long term? At San Clemente Self Storage, our leases are month-to-month with no long- term commitment. Plus, if you are going to store for six months or longer, our prepayment discounts offer significant savings and may be the way to go.


Done. You have already found the best facility -- San Clemente Self Storage! We know you will be impressed by our facility, our location, our staff, our rental prices, and much more. Make sure to check out our security features which include both exterior and interior cameras throughout our buildings which record activity 24/7, a computerized gate entry and exit system that requires individual passcodes, fences, security lighting, and an on-site resident manager.


Our staff is ready to assist you in choosing the best storage unit for you. We offer both exterior storage units with drive-up access, as well as interior storage units. Almost all of our units have convenient ground level access. One way to save money is to rent one of our upper level units. These upper units enjoy easy access through a large capacity elevator and also enjoy a lower rental rate. You should go take a look at the storage unit before making your final selection. Once you have chosen your storage unit, you are ready to sign the rental contract. We will need to make a copy of your driver's license while you review and sign the rental agreement. At the time of signing, you will pay the first month's rent and a one-time administration fee. You may want to simplify your life by signing up for our free autopay program that will automatically charge your credit card each month. Or, you may want to take advantage of our prepayment discount. You will also need to think about whether to get an insurance policy for your stored belongings.

Click on the Storage Tips article entitled "Storage Insurance: Do You Need It?" for more information on this topic. This is an important topic since most facilities, including San Clemente Self Storage, require you to maintain insurance on your stored belongings and specifically state in the lease that you are storing the goods at your sole risk. Your homeowner's or renter's policy may cover your stored items or you might want to get a separate policy for your stored unit.
Document signing at San Clemente


Being organized is the key to an efficient and safe move. Having a plan to load your truck correctly and mapping out the layout of your storage unit can save you significant time and effort. For great ideas on how to pack, please see the "30 Great Storage Tips and Packing Suggestions" section of this website. Remember it is always a great idea to start the packing process by separating your items by room or category.


Now that your move has been well prepared, it is time to move in. Wear the correct clothes and protective shoes. When loading the moving truck, always load the items that you aren't going to need often (such as an old refrigerator) first -- so they will be in the back of your storage unit. Once you get to your storage unit, you will want to store your largest items like appliances and furniture in the back of the unit. Make sure that you stack boxes in even rows, with the heaviest items on the bottom rows and the lightest on the top. Try to create an aisle way to access your items. Use the tips outlined in our "Packing and Storage Tips" section of this website. It covers everything from the best ways to store your items in the moving truck to tips on maximizing the storage area in your storage unit.

Please stop by San Clemente Self Storage to discuss the self storage rental process or for a tour of our beautiful facility. Or, give us a call at 949-366-1133. We will be happy to discuss your storage needs.