Reasons to Use Self Storage

Here are five reasons why you may want to use self storage:

#1: Become clutter-free

Trying to free up space at home or the office? Tired of tripping over stuff you don’t use very often? A storage unit can be an ideal place for the stuff you have been accumulating over the years, like memorabilia, documents, files, toys that were once your children's favorites, and even furniture that doesn't fit in your home right now.

#2: Keep your items safe

Self storage facilities typically offer more security features than most homes. San Clemente Self Storage has many state-of-the-art security features. Not only is our facility fully fenced and gated, but we also have extensive exterior and interior cameras for surveillance plus recording of all activity, a computerized gate entry and exit system with individual passcodes, limited after-hours entry, exterior lighting, and even an on-site resident manager to help protect your belongings.

#3: Make your home safer

Self storage is a great place to keep all those items which might pose a safety hazard at home. For instance, you might have ladders, drills, saws, and other tools that could be dangerous to young children if left around the house. Similarly, old refrigerators and freezers can pose a hazard to children. Reduce the risk of accidents by keeping such things in a storage unit.

#4: More space for your treasures

Some things are just too big and take up too much space to store at home. Surfboards, snow skis, fitness equipment, tents, vintage automobiles, and similar items may not fit in your garage, but can fit easily in a storage unit. An enclosed and secure self storage unit also provides protection you might not get from storing them in a backyard shed or under a tarp behind the garage. If your home and garage are bursting at the seams with too much stuff, a self storage unit is just the help you need.

#5: Insure your items

Purchasing a separate insurance policy for items in your storage unit may save you money. It is often cheaper than homeowner's insurance and also often offers a lower deductible. Check with your insurance agent. Although San Clemente Self Storage does not insure the items you store, we are happy to provide you with information on getting insurance for your stored items.

Once you have decided that self storage is for you, we hope that you will choose San Clemente Self Storage. We have prepared a Storage Tips article entitled "Choosing a Storage Facility" to help you in your decision. If you stop by our facility, we would be happy to give you a tour of our facility and show you some storage units.

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