Holiday Lights and Decorations Storage

Your holiday decorations look great on your house and in your yard, but what do you do with them the other 11 months? Do they clutter up your garage? Take up space stacked haphazardly in your attic? If so, you might consider self storage for keeping your decorations the rest of the year. Here are some ideas for holiday decoration storage.

Ornament Storage:

  • Instead of throwing away used wrapping paper and tissue paper, reuse it for ornament storage! It's easy! Just shred it and then use it as filler to keep delicate ornaments safe in their storage boxes.
  • Egg cartons are also ideal for keeping ornaments safe. Simply place each ornament in an indentation of the carton where an egg used to be.
  • Ornaments too tall to fit in an egg carton or standard-sized box? Try an old wine box with partitions. Wrap each ornament in tissue and place it gently in a compartment of the box.
  • Have you noticed that ornament hangers go missing or can easily slip out of boxes when stored? Keep them in a shirt box or shoe box along with plenty of ribbon, cord, twist ties, scissors, craft wire, and anything else you need to hang ornaments next year.
  • Don’t forget to keep the more delicate ornaments at the top of the box so they don’t get smashed.
Holiday Ornament Storage

Garland Storage:

  • Save time next year by marking the garland before putting it away. Label the segments that fit in the entryway, the ones that go in the hallway, the one that perfectly fits the mantel, etc. This will simplify decorating next year since you won’t have to spend time figuring out which piece goes where. Also, put a twist tie or some something similar in the middle of a long swag to help you remember how to hang it next year.
  • Put all your garlands, wreaths, etc. in large plastic tubs. Feel free to shove lots of garland in each box --the garland will fluff back to size next year. Proper holiday garland storage will make next year's decorating a breeze!
  • Using clear plastic boxes and labels will help you locate the items that you want from storage next year.
Garland Storage

Holiday Lights Storage:

  • Tired of carefully coiling sets of lights only to have them turn into a tangled mess by the time you are ready to use them the next year? Here is a way to reuse something that you would normally throw away and make your life easier at the same time. Wrap the strands of holiday lights endwise around empty wrapping paper tubes and tape both ends with clear tape to keep them in place. Just take off the tape and unwrap next year, no tangles, no mess.
  • Keep extra lights and fuses with the strands they belong to. Put them in a plastic sandwich bag and tape them to the inside of the empty wrapping paper tube. They will be right where you can find them next year!
  • Check out the cute elf in the photo. Your well-organized holiday lights storage will give you more time next holiday season to spend with your family and friends. Enjoy!
Just like there are special tips for storing holiday decor, there are special Storage Tips for "Wedding Dress Storage". A little extra attention will help preserve these priceless items.

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