Boxes and Supplies

Once you have decided to move things out of your home or office, you will likely need some boxes and moving supplies. But how many boxes? What size boxes? What other supplies? Relax and come see us at San Clemente Self Storage. We have a large selection of boxes and supplies in our office for your convenience, plus our friendly staff can help answer your questions.To get you started, we have prepared the following articles that are available in the drop-down menu of this section of "Storage Tips":

When you start looking for boxes, you may be surprised by the variety in boxes. In addition to different sizes, there are boxes that fit specific purposes such as wardrobe boxes and mirror boxes. There are different quality of boxes, with some being much sturdier than others that might fall apart when you lift them.

There are many supplies you might find helpful for use in your storage unit. Mattress bags are terrific in helping to preserve your mattress so that it is clean and comfy when you are ready to get it out of storage. Bubble wrap and shrink wrap are also great to safeguard your items.

Don't forget a lock to secure your storage unit! San Clemente Self Storage requires that all new tenants use disc locks. You can either bring one with you when you rent your unit or buy one in our office. We sell both combination disc locks as well as disc locks with keys. With a disc lock on your storage unit, you will enjoy the added protection they provide over inferior locks such as padlocks.

To help you save time and money by buying too many or too few boxes, click here to read the storage tip on "Estimating Boxes and Supplies You Will Need".

Still not sure where to store all those boxes of treasures? Please come see us at San Clemente Self Storage and we will be happy to show you different sized storage units so that you can find the right one for your needs. We look forward to meeting you.