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Unit Size Estimator

Before you roll up your sleeves and begin your search for a
San Clemente storage unit, there are a few things that you will need to do. First, you willl want to begin by determining what size storage unit you will need. To do that, there are some key things that you will want to consider.
•    Figure out which items will be packed in boxes and which ones can be stored on their own.
•    Determine which items you will need to have easy access to in the future. 
This will help you greatly when you begin to
     organize your storage unit.
•    Divide your list into to subcategories of lightweight and/or breakable items and heavier more durable items.
•    Make note of any oddly shaped items.
Now that you have an idea of what you will be storing and how it will need to be organized, you are ready to start considering what size storage unit you will need.  You want to make sure that the unit you choose will not only be large enough to hold the things that you have now, but that it will also be able to accommodate any future needs you might have.
What are the items that you will want to store?
This may seem obvious, but making a thorough list of items that will be going into your storage unit, will not only help you determine the size of the self storage unit you will need, it will also help keep your organized throughout the process.
Listed below is a summary of typical San Clemente storage unit sizes and the types of items that can be stored in them. 
You can use this information to help you determine your storage needs. 
5 x 5 storage unit
5 x 10 storage unit
7.5 x 10 storage unit
10 x 10 storage unit
10 x 15 storage unit
10 x 20 storage unit
10 x 30 storage unit
5 x 5 (25 sq. ft.) -The size of a closet. Approximately 35 standard file boxes,  or good for small furniture pieces, futon mattresses, and/or folding tables, chairs,
electronics, cabinets,  small surf boards, and sporting equipment.
5 x 10 (50 sq. ft.) - The size of a 1 Bedroom or Studio Apartment, or a typical office suite. Approximately 85 standard file boxes or great for storing a mattress set, small dining room table, couch, chairs, outdoor furniture, garden tools, bicycles, motorcycles, and small ATVs.
7.5 x 10 (75 sq. ft.) - The size of a 1 Bedroom or Studio Apartment. 50% more space than the 5x10, but, you will not pay 50% more in a rental rate.
Approximately 150 standard file boxes, or this unit is good for storing a large
dining room table, couch, chairs, and a mattress set.
10 x 10 (100 sq. ft.) - 2 Bedroom apartment or for a full living room
This is the most popular unit size.  Approximately 180 standard file boxes. 
Or good for bedroom sets, large dressers, a refrigerator, or a small water craft. 
10 x 15 (150 sq. ft.) - 2 to 3 Bedroom house or large apartment.  The size of a one car garage.  Approximately 290 standard file boxes or great for large items such as pianos, sofas, appliances, small cars, and multiple bedroom sets, business merchandise or long items such as rolls of carpet, ladders, etc.
10 x 20 (200 sq. ft.) - Full Garage or 3 to 4 Bedroom house. Great for storing average sized cars, trailers, small boats, multiple bed room sets, sofas, large appliances, and multiple boxes.
10 x 30 (300 sq. ft.) - 4 to 5 Bedroom House. Great for holding cars, trucks, boats, household furnishings, large appliances, sofas, multiple boxes, and bedroom sets.
10 x 25 storage unit
10 x 25 (250 sq. ft.) - 4 Bedroom House or extra Large Garage. Great for storing furnishings, appliances, sofas, multiple boxes and bedroom sets. Or can hold a car, truck or boat.
This storage unit size estimator has been created to help start your process, but to get a better idea of what size you will actually need, please call our
San Clemente storage professionals who are experts at helping you determine the correct size storage unit.
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