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Self Storage rental contracts have a lease term of one month, and are automatically renewed each month if the tenant is in good standing.  Upon execution of the lease, the tenant is usually required to pay the first month's rent, and a 1 time administration fee (typically no more than $20).

Tips On How to Get the Best Rental Rate and Lowest Move in Cost:
1). Always ask the storage Manager if they are running any discounted rent specials, most storage facilities
     have some sort of monthly special, military discounts, or the similar.
2). Ask if they have any Interior Units available (non-drive up), typically these storage units have a lower price.
3). Ask if they provide a Free Move In Truck & Driver. Approximately 30% of self storage companies offer this
     benefit. Use the money you save on renting a truck to help pay for your movers!
4). If you know that you may need the storage unit for a long period of time, ask if you can get a discount if you
     pre-pay 6 months or one year of rent up front, most self storage businesses with give one.

Once you have determined the price for a suitable storage unit, you can either reserve the unit online or call the storage facility management team directly.  Either way, you are able hold your unit and lock in your price. There is typically no cost, and no credit card needed.

Being organized is the key to an efficient and safe move. Having a plan to load your truck correctly and mapping out the layout of your storage unit can save you significant time and effort. For great ideas on how to pack, please take advantage of our free and useful Storage and Moving Tips Guide - it is located just to the right of this paragraph - you can download it for free. Remember it is always a great idea to start the packing process by separating your items by room or category. 

Here is a quick "heads up" about boxes. It may seem smart to try to obtain used boxes for free.  However, it is our experience that this practice has sometimes not been a good idea. Used boxes have obviously had some form of wear and tear which hampers the durability of the box. You will probably be stacking the boxes in an effort to maximize your storage space.  Used boxes are more prone to falling apart during the storage process.  The last thing you want to happen is to have your stored item get broken due to a faulty box.  Not to mention, you never know what was previously stored inside a used box, it is not unheard of that old boxes can house insects or chemicals that could be detrimental to your valuables.

We suggest that you buy new boxes. We can supply you with top-quality box kits and packing supplies that are available for purchase either online or at our storage facility. Our online prices are substantially lower than those offered by retailers (up to 30% off) with overnight shipping to your home or business (no freight charge). 

Now that your move has been well prepared, it is time to move in. Wear the correct clothes and protective shoes.  Bring plenty of water too. Always load those items in your truck that you are going to store in the back of your storage unit first. Check that your moving truck has straps and a moving dolly (all of these are free at San Clemente Self Storage). 

Once you get to your storage unit, store your largest items like appliances and furniture in the back of the unit. Make sure that you stack boxes in even rows, with the heaviest items on the bottom rows and the lightest on the top. Try to create an isle way to access your items. Store those items you need most last, this way you can get to them easy.  Use the tips outlined in our Self Storage and Moving Tips Guide to assist you in with your move. It covers everything from best ways to store your items in the moving truck to tips on maximizing the storage area in your storage unit.

If you are planning on putting your car in storage, there are a number of steps you can take to better protect your vehicle while it is being stored. We have created a list of steps you can take to get your car ready for storage. Go to Car Storage San Clemente and check out our car storage tips now. 
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Monthly Rent

Rent Storage in San Clemente
5 Steps of Self Storage Rental

STEP 2: FIND A FACILITY                                                     
Besides the obvious of finding a price and location that meets your needs, consider the following before you store your valued items at a storage facility:
1). Is the facility CLEAN and modern?
2). Is the Management Team professional?                                              
3). Is there a good security system?                                                      
4). Do they offer a free Move In Truck and Driver (a benefit that only quality operators offer).
5). Ask about what types of problems have occurred at the facility?
Before you start shopping for storage in San Clemente, you will need to determine the size of storage unit that will meet your requirements.  San Clemente offers a wide variety of storage units sizes from small (5x5) to large  (15x30). And to help you better estimate a storage unit size that will meet your needs, try using our online Storage Unit Size Estimator. Just go to the navigation bar at the top of this page for and click the Storage Unit Size Estimator tab for details. Once you have determined a size that might work, you can now start shopping storage facilities (note: also ask the self storage staff to assist you in determining the correct size of storage unit).
Self Storage Moving Tips Guide
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• Very Clean
• Military Discounts
• Free Moving Dollies
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• Storage Insurance
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You finally decided that you need a storage unit. San Clemente Self Storage offers the perfect solution to your self storage needs.  With over 700 storage units, we are sure to find one that will fit your storage requirements.

Renting a storage unit is not a complicated process, but, knowing the steps  involved in the process can help you save time and money. Self storage rental contracts are typically written for lease periods of "month to month". The contract is automatically renewed each month, so you can store your items as long as you like. No credit reports are run and no security deposit is required (a small administrative fee is typically required at the signing of the contract, usually no more than $20). We have summarized the self storage rental process into 5 steps below:

Watch Our Quick Video Below:
Self Storage Rental - 5 Step Process

The Self Storage Rental Process - 5 Steps

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