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Storage Units San Clemente

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Storage Units San Clemente

Rent storage units at our 700 storage units San Clemente facility today. Save time and money at San Clemente Self Storage. Check our our current Rent Special - Up to 15% Off our standard rates and the Free use of our Moving Truck and Driver. We also offer Military Discounts and moving supplies (including boxes) up to 30% off of Retail Prices. Since 1999, we have been providing storage units for rent in the City of San Clemente at our 100,000 square foot, modern and secure, self storage facility.  In order to better assist you in storage unit rental process, here are some tips that can help make your move easier, more efficient, and save you money!
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Self Storage Moving Tips Guide
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1. Find a Clean and Convenient Storage Unit Facility
The days of storing your items in old storage containers on a vacant lot are over. Modern self storage facilities are located in most cities throughout the United States.  After all, 1 out of 10 Americans rents a storage unit. Make sure your storage unit facility is modern, clean, and located in a nice convenient area of town.  You want to make sure the facility is really clean, if it is not, your items will be subject to the perils of dirt, dust, and pests.  You simply don't need to experience this. San Clemente Self Storage is a beautiful hillside property with great views, extremely clean, and conveniently located a mile away from San Clemente High School, just up the street from Wal-mart.

2. Ask About Monthly Rent Specials and Move in Allowances - Save Money
The self storage business is very competitive.  Always check for monthly rent specials. It is very common for self storage facilities to offer some type of montly rent special. San Clemente Self Storage is offering one that simply cannot be beat.  For all new tenants, for a limited time only, we are offering a  Cheap Storage San Clemente Rent Special where you can get up to a 15% rent discount (depending on storage unit inventory) and the Free Use of Our Moving Truck and Driver. We drive the truck to your home or business, you load it up, and we drive it back to the storage facility - we even pay for the gas!

3. Figure Out Your Storage Unit Size - Maximize Your Space and Save Money
Estimating your storage unit size requirements is not as easy as it may seem. You would be surprised at how many people misjudge their size requirements. Storage units vary from small walk in storage rooms to substantial units which resemble huge garages. When estimating your storage unit size, it is always better to go a little bigger, but not to a point where you are paying for space that you do not need.  Fortunately, San Clemente Self Storage has a way to help you estimate your size requirements, try using our Storage Unit Size Estimator. To utilize it, just go to our navigation bar on the top of our page the and click on the tab called Storage Unit Size Estimator now.  You may also consider calling one of our San Clemente Storage Professionals; they have been trained on how to assist you in getting the most out of your storage unit's area.

4. Draw a Map - Organize Your Storage Unit
The smallest storage unit can hold a lot if it is organized correctly. Draw up a quick map on how you would like to store your items in the storage unit.  Take advantage of wall and ceiling space (you can purchase inexpensive storage racks for the ceiling and walls). Walls and ceiling areas are great for storing bikes, surfboards, skateboards, and gardening equipment. Be sure to include an isle way in the design of your storage unit, you are going to want to be able to easily retrieve your items. Store your items by category. Always put your heavy appliances and furniture in the back of the storage unit, and items you routinely  need near the front.

5. Storage Unit Location -  Location Matters and Save Money
The location of your San Clemente storage units can play a big role in the rent you will be paying. For example, most self storage facilities charge significantly more for renting a drive up or exterior storage units compared to an interior storage unit or second floor space.  Most people do not visit their storage unit that often.  Ask yourself the following question, how often are you going to be going to your storage unit? If the answer is not that often, then you should strongly consider not renting an exterior unit.  San Clemente Self Storage not only offers drive up storage units, but, interior hallway storage units, and second floor storage unit space serviced by a freight elevator.

6. Pre-Pay Your Rent and Save Money
Depending on how long you plan to rent your storage unit, consider pre-paying your storage unit rent. Self storage rental contracts typically are on a "month to month" basis.  It is not un-common for storage facilities to offer their tenants an additional rent discount if they are willing to pre-pay their rent.  San Clemente Self Storage provides rental discounts for pre-payments on 6 month and 1 year rental terms. Ask our Manager for Details.

7. Make Sure the Storage Facility has a Modern Security System
Modern self storage facilities have great security systems. Make sure your valued items are protected. San Clemente Self Storage is fully fenced, has 24 hour camera surveillance, and a computerized key pad gate entry and exist system.

8. Check Access Hours
Always determine what your access hours are to your storage unit. Most storage facilities are only open during normal business hours.   If you need access to your storage unit after hours, make sure your facility will allow you to do so.  Check with our Manager about getting access to your storage unit after regular business hours.

9. Use a Hefty Lock
Padlocks that open with keys are usually a better than combination locks. The reason, it is easy to forget a lock combination if you do visit your storage unit on a regular basis. Although most storage unit facilities have advanced security systems in them, that does not mean they the end all protection against theft. Use a lock that has a short arm to ensure a bolt cutter cannot slide in to be sliced open.  For your convenience, you can purchase locks at San Clemente Self Storage. 

10. Organize- Plastic Containers and Storage Boxes
Be sure to use high quality cardboard boxes or plastic containers.  Retailers such as Walmart, Staples, and Target sell high quality plastic storage containers and boxes.  Some of these boxes and storage containers are molded to fit as unit on top of each other for better organization.  Click the box to the right to find out how you can get boxes and moving supplies at rates up to 30% off of retail prices.

San Clemente Storage Units - Rental Tips

• Very Clean
• Military Discounts
• Free Moving Dollies
  and Carts
• Storage Insurance
Interior Storage Units San Clemente
Military Discounts
Moving Dollies & Carts
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11. Make Use of Storage Wrap and Blankets
Although most storage facilities have pest control programs and are cleaned on a daily basis, it still is wise to cover and protect your valued items.  Make use of plastic wrap for upholstered furniture, paper wrap, and storage blankets. San Clemente Self Storage has moving and storing supplies available on premise and that can be ordered here on our website.

12. Label Your Boxes
Even though you understand what you are placing in your storage unit that does not mean in 6 months you will remember where you put everything.  Label every little thing, the unknown and the apparent.  Then create a list of these items and keep it in your storage unit for easy retrieval. 

13. Create a Stable Environment for Your Boxes 
The smallest storage unit can hold a lot if it is organized correctly.  If you are going to be stacking boxes, store the larger ones on the bottom first. Try to make each row of boxes the same height. Create a more stable environment for your boxes by laying a piece of plywood over each row of boxes.

14. Plan for Temperature Changes
Even though the city of San Clemente has really stable and good weather, there are a some items that do not like the cold or heat.  Electronic devices, vinyl records, old pictures (if damp), things of that nature all come out a bit less incredible when they are not protected correctly.  Be sure to wrap these items accordingly. You might also consider putting a sheet of plastic on the floor of the storage unit. This can prevent moisture from concret flooring from making contact with items.

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We can solve your storage space needs in our storage units San Clemente facility now. Whether you are storing household or business goods, or you just need a place to put your car or vehicle for a while, we are here to help (go here to check out more San Clemente Self Storage Features). Be sure to take advantage of our rent spacial, our excess inventory of storage units will surely lease up quickly So act now, call us at our San Clemente Storage Facility 949-366-1133.
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