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Self Storage and Moving Tips Guide
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2. Create a master list of the stored items, and leave the list in the storage unit, to remind you of where you put your items.
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San Clemente Storage and Packing Tips

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The following San Clemente storage and packing tips will help you save time, money, and make your storage experience an easier one.  The up-front effort of properly organizing and efficiently packing and storing your items in a storage unit will be well worth it when you are able to maximize the storage space and effortlessly retrieve your items. Listed below are some ideas for packing and organizing your storage unit.
Use sturdy high quality boxes, and not plastic bags. Boxes stack    
work, but, bubble wrap is a better option because it gives better protection.  Bubble wrap is also cleaner, and since it is clear, it makes identifying contents in your boxes less complicated.  Make sure you purchase an ample amount of tape, most folks under estimate the amount of tape that they will use.
1. Place a protective cover on the floor of the storage unit.  A sheet of durable plastic or stacking wooden crates throughout the storage unit will protect your items from moisture that might penetrate the concrete flooring.
better and will last longer. Closed plastic bags can trap moisture which could induce harmful mildew. You might be tempted to obtain free used boxes from supermarkets and liquor stores, however, these boxes usually have mismatched sizes and shapes that will ultimately hinder your potential to organize your storage unit effectively.  You might also consider  purchasing plastic boxes instead of cardboard, they will last longer.
Use bubble wrap - For wrapping breakables, old news paper will certainly
3. Clearly label all boxes and group your items together by category.
4. Store boxes in neat, tight, rows. Try to organize your rows with boxes that are the same size.  Place the biggest and heaviest boxes on the bottom row, and then place smaller boxes on top of them.  Consider placing a piece of wood shelving on top of each row of boxes, this will create a much more stable environment for your boxes as you stack them.
5. Create an aisle way in the storage unit so that you can easily get to your items (usually down the middle of the unit).
6.  Always put the items that you need most in last.  You want them to be in the front of the storage unit for easy retrieval.
7. Purchase storage racks for the walls and ceilings. These are great areas to hang items from.
8. Remove furniture and table legs. Store the remaining flat surface table tops - face to face.  
9. Store couches on their end (up right) to conserve space.  Be sure to wrap them in plastic wrapping.
10. Stack chairs of similar size upward (ie. kitchen and dining room), with the seats face-to-face.  This will not only conserve space, but, it will also keep the seats cleaner from dust.
11. Large appliances and cabinets make for good storage areas too.  Place smaller items inside of them.
12. When storing objects in boxes, bear in mind to pack them tightly.  Be sure to fill in any open areas of the boxes with old newspaper to stop items from sifting when stacked.  For storing clothes, use wardrobe boxes.
13. Do not store any flammable or combustible items such as paint and chemicals.
14. Drain fluids from motorized gardening tools and mowers. Also place these items over some form of drip pan or protected surface in case there is a leak.
15. Use trash cans to store gardening tools and sporting goods.
16. Use protective covers as much as possible such as plastic mattress covers, blankets (over wood items),  and plastic wrap around sofas.
17. Wrap photographs, magazines, and newspapers tightly or store them between slates of wood to keep them flat. Over time, their edges curl if not properly stored.
If implemented, our San Clemente storage and packing tips will be very beneficial to your storage unit experience.  If you are in interested in renting a storage unit in South Orange County now is a good time to do so, because we are running a really good rent discount special:
San Clemente Self Storage is one of the cleanest storage facilities in Orange County, and it is a beautiful property (with ocean and golf course views).  Your valued items are protected by our very secure alarm system which includes 24 hour camera recorded surveillance and an electronic personalized keypad gate system.  Give San Clemente Self Storage a call today at 949-366-1133.

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