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Where To Get Boxes and Moving Supplies

Discounted Pricing on
Moving Supplies and Boxes
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Discover how you Save 15% Instantly
off of Retail Prices on Moving Supplies and Boxes
If you are wondering where to get boxes and moving supplies, you have come to the right place. We have two convenient options: We offer readymade box kits and moving supplies either at our San Clemente Self Storage facility or here on our website. And if you buy them on our website, they can be delivered directly to your home or business, with Free shipping (allow 3 -4 days for delivery). 

What could be Easier? 

•  Boxes and Box Kits
•  Tape
•  Bubble Wrap
•  Plastic Wrap
•  Mattress Bags & Covers
  Moving Kits- A mix of boxes and supplies all in one kit.
  Dish Boxes/Barrels - A durable box designed for weight breakable items.
  Mirror/Picture Frame Boxes
  Wardrobes/Special Clothing Boxes - These act as portable closets.  With wardrobe clothing
   boxes, you can just hang your items  inside and they will keep their shape and be protected.
  Boxes- Small, Medium, and Large

•  Hammers,
•  Screwdrivers,
•  Wrenches, and sockets wrenches
•  Cordless drill/screw driver,
•  Utility Knife

Packing Tape
- A durable tape designed to seal packed boxes securely.

Tape Gun/Dispenser
- This will help you while packing, save time & stop losing the end of the tape roll.

Wrapping Paper
- You can use newspaper to wrap items like dishes, but you will need to wash them
when you unpack.  You are better off to get a roll of plain wrapping paper.  It will not only keep items
clean, but safe during transport. 

- You will need plenty of markers to make sure that all boxes get labeled properly.

Trash Bags
- Make a great cover for lightweight items. 

Moving can be a fun and exciting experience and it can also be a stressful and exasperating experience (usually at the same time).  To help ease a little bit of the stress from moving we have listed items below that can help you get better prepared for your Move.
Self Storage and Moving Tips Guide
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Items You Will Need For Your Move

Where to get Boxes and Moving Supplies?
San Clemente Self Storage
Your EASY Moving Solution!
San Clemente Storage - Easy Move Program

Guidelines for Ordering Boxes and Moving Supplies

Packing 1-2 Rooms
Packing 2-4 Rooms
15 Small Boxes
15 Medium Boxes
3 Large Boxes
2 Dish Packs
1 Bundle of newspaper
1-2 Rolls of Packing Tape
Packing 3-6 Rooms
20 Small Boxes
20 Medium Boxes
5 Large Boxes
2 Mirror Cartons
4 Dish Packs
1 Bundle of Newpaper
1 Package of Paper Pads
3-4 Rolls of Packing Tape
25 Small Boxes
25 Medium Boxes
7 Large Boxes
4 Mirror Cartons
6 Dish Packs
2 Bundles of Newpaper
2 Packages of Paper Pads
4-6 Rolls of Packing Tape
Small Boxes (1.5 Cu. ft.) for heavy, small and fragile items
Medium Boxes (3.1 cu.ft) for kitchen appliances, toys, and clothes
Large Boxes (4.5 cu. ft.) for large, light items like towels, pillows, etc.
Clean paper, bubble wrap or packing peanuts for padding
Furniture Covers - Will protect upholstery on furnishings such as sofas, chairs and mattresses, from moisture and dirt during the move.

Bubble Wrap or Foam Wrap
- An ideal way to protect breakable items.

Rubber Bands Or Rubber Straps
-Great for securing loose doors and drawers on furnishings.

Shrink/Stretch Wrap
is great for bundling and repackaging items. Shrink wrap comes in both wide width and narrow width.  Works well on items such as large appliances and bundling various items.

Back Band/Brace
- Will provide extra support to your back while you move. 

Forearm Lifts
- A heavy strap that wraps around your forearms and allows you and another person to carry bulky items without having to lift them high.

Appropriate clothing.  -
To avoid cuts, scraps and other injuries; cover up as much as you can.  You will definitely want a pair of gloves, long sleeved shirts, long pants and work boots or tennis shoes.

Furniture Pads/Blankets
- Protect your furniture during moving. It keeps solid furniture pieces from bumping into each other during transport. 

Lock- You will need a lock for your storage unit.  We offer discounted pricing on locks too! You can pick one up at the front desk of our San Clemente Self Storage Facility.
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Knowing where to get boxes and moving supplies in San Clemente for your self storage move is a very important part of the storage unit rental process. Even more important though, is finding the right place to rent storage in San Clemente. Now is the perfect time  to take advantage of our 15% off rent special and rent storage units at San Clemente Self Stoage today. This type of discount will rent special will not last long, so call us now at 949-366-1133.
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Properly Estimating the Amount of Boxes and Moving Supplies

Finding the right place to buy your moving supplies and boxes is a very important step in getting your ready for your move. However, actually estimating the correct amount of boxes and supplies that you will need is not that easy as it may seem.   Go here to to learn more tips on how to properly estimate the amount of boxes and moving supplies
required for your self storage unit. 
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