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Locks - Self Storage

San Clemente Self Storage has modern security systems to protect your  items stored at our facility.  Our security programs include fences, electronic keypad gates, lights, and cameras. Even though these security features go a long way to protect your items, we also require all of our tenants to take the extra step of securing their storage unit with their own security lock. 

However, as one might suspect, all locks are not the same, so we decided to give you a quick summary of the most commonly used locks in the self storage industry.  Additionally, we do offer self storage locks for sale in our office at San Clemente Self Storage at discounted prices.
Locks - Self Storage


The most basic self storage locks are padlocks.  Padlocks features pin tumblers, key combinations, and a hardened steel shackle. Pad locks are inexpensive and effective against most people.  However, sophisticated crooks can break these locks with a bolt cutter, pick them, or use a “bump key” to open them up.

Padlocks come in two forms, either combination or key type.  Unless you are great at remembering numbers, we suggest that you use the “key type”.  Keys are easier to keep track of and combinations can be forgotten.

Pad Locks - Self Storage

Disc Locks - The Smarter Choice

Disc locks are a significant upgrade over padlocks. They render bolt cutters helpless because their shackle is “hidden” inside the round shape where the bolt cutter cannot get them.

It takes some time and noise to break into a disc  lock. However, some disc locks can be built around the same pin tumbler mechanism as standard padlocks, which makes it as easy to pick as a padlock. Make sure your check this before you buy one. Although the disc lock cannot be cut, it can still be picked or bumped if one has the skill and time to do so. 
Disc Locks - Self Storage
As a result of the fact the disc lock is impenetrable to bolt cutters and more difficult to pick or be bumped than a padlock, we suggest that you purchase a disk lock for better security.  The cost is a minimal difference for a significantly better result.   Although the City of San Clemente has significantly less crime than most cities, we at San Clemente Self Storage have taken the extra steps to protect your items with our modern security system.  It just makes smart sense for you to use quality self storage locks for your storage unit too.  We do sell locks at our storage facility at very reasonable prices, for more information about San Clemente Self Storage, please call us at 949-366-1133.
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