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Storage Units in San Clemente

In order to assist you with making your move into a self storage unit much easier, San Clemente Self Storage has listed below some ideas to help you estimate the amount of boxes and moving supplies for your storage unit. Additionally, we have also prepared a list of supplies and tools that are required to make your packing process much easier. We know with proper planning and preparation, your move can be efficient and easy.
Before you start, you will need to estimate the amount of boxes and moving supplies required for your storage unit. This is often the hardest part of the move and leads to searching for more boxes at a later date. Here some rough guidelines based on how many rooms you will be moving.
•  Seperate and Organize Your Items by Category.

•  Boxes and Supplies: You want to purchase high quality cardboard or plastic boxes. 
   They will last longer and protect your items much better. Boxes can be purchased
   individually, but, you might want to consider purchasing pre-sized boxes and moving
   kits based off of the number of rooms that you will be moving.

•  Dish Boxes: These are specifically designed for heavier and more breakable items.  
  Special Boxes for Clothing: There are portable plastic closets and wardrobe boxes 
   available to keep your items hanging so they can breathe.

•  Boxes for Picture Frames and Mirrors.
1 to 2 Rooms
15 Small and 15 Medium Boxes
3 Larger Sized Boxes
2 Dish Boxes
1-2 Rolls of Tape (preferably packing tape)
1 Bundle Each (small) - Buble wrap, clear paper, newspaper, packing peanuts, and stretch plastic wrap for furniture.
2 to 4 Rooms
20 Small and 20 Medium Boxes
5 Larger Sized Boxes
4 Dish Boxes
2 Boxes for Mirrors and Picture Frames
3-4 Rolls of Tape (preferably packing tape)
1 Bundle Each - Bubble wrap, clean paper, newspaper, packing peanuts, and stretch plastic wrap for furniture.

3 to 6 Rooms
25 Small and 25 Medium Boxes
7 Larger Sized Boxes
6 Dish Boxes
4 Boxes for Mirrors and Picture Frames
4-6 Rolls of Tape (preferably packing tape)
1-2 Bundles Each- Bubble wrap, clean paper, newspaper, packing peanuts, and stretch plastic wrap for furniture
San Clemente Self Storage has been helping people with their self storage needs for over 14 years.  We know that if you take the proper steps in planning your move, that your self storage experience will be successful. Getting the correct amount of boxes and moving supplies for your storage unit is just one of the steps for a successful self storage move; go here to discover smart ideas on how to get the most out of your storage unit space and some great storage and packing tips
San Clemente Self Storage is currently running a great rent special.  For a limited time, you can get up to a 15% Discount of Our Rental Rates and the Free Use of Our Moving Truck and Driver.  This is a great money saver, and very convenient. If you do decide to store your items with us, they will be protected by our secure alarm system that includes 24 hour camera recorded surveillance and an electronic keypad coded gate system. We know you will be impressed if you visit our property, it is very clean and we even have ocean and golf course views. For more information, give us a call today at 949-366-1133.

How Many Boxes Will You Need?

Small Sized Boxes: Fragile, small, and heavy items (books) - 1.5 cu. ft.
Medium Sized Boxes: Kitchen items, toys, and electronics - 3.1 cu. ft
Large Sized Boxes: Items like bedding, towels, and pillows. - 4.5 cu. ft.
Bubble wrap and Clean Paper for Wrapping
Packing Peanuts and Newspaper for Padding -
You don't want items to shift
in boxes, fill in all open areas.

Supplies and Tools for Packing

•  Tools: Screwdrivers/cordless drill, hammers, utility knife, wrenches and sockets

•  Packing Tape: Look out for tape that is designed for packing boxes securely and sealing them.

•  Tape Dispenser/Gun: This just helps to save time since you won’t lose the end of the roll of tape.

•  Wrapping Paper: Clear wrapping paper is good for protecting dishes and other breakable items. You can also use newspaper, but,
     note that some of the newspaper ink with come off on your items. We suggest using news paper to fill in areas of boxes that are
     open, so that items do not shift.

•  Markers: You need to clearly label each of your boxes.

•  Plastic Trash Bags: These offer a waterproof cover for your lighter items.

•  Mattress Covers: These protect mattresses from dust and moisture.

Foam/Bubble Wrap: This is the best way to protect your breakable items.

•  Rubber Straps/Bands: They will secure any of the loose fittings, drawers and doors on your furniture.

•  Stretch/Shrink Wrap: This helps you bundle all of your items. This is perfect protecting sofas, furniture, and larger appliances.

Back Brace/Band: This is for you to protect your back during the move.

•  Forearm Lifts: These are straps placed around your forearms to offer extra protection and make it easier to carry heavier items.

•  Clothing: You will need to cover up as much of your body as possible to avoid scraps and cuts. Long pants, shirts and gloves are 
     perfect. Make sure you have tennis shoes or work boots to protect your feet and offer extra stability.

Blankets and Furniture Pads: These give extra protection for your furniture. They are great for solid pieces to avoid damage
     if they should get bumped during the move.

•  A Lock: You need this to secure your storage unit. We suggest using a Disc or Cylinder type of Lock.
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San Clemente Self Storage sells boxes and moving supplies at our facility or through our website.  If you purchase these through our website, not only do you get and instant 15% discount, but, your items can be shipped directly to your business or home, with no shipping charge (allow 3 to 4 days for delivery).
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