Self Storage REITs Dec 2014 – Great Returns

The recent NGKF Self Storage Bi- Weekly reports shows that the Top 4 Self Storage REITs are posting a year-to-date share price increase of 26.48%!

Dec 2014 Self Storage REIT

Self Storage operators indicate reasons for success are low vacancy, little new product being developed to compete, and the ability to increase rents. Low interest rates are also helping self storage operators who are able to refinance their properties and improve their cash flow.  The Bottom line is the 2014 is turning out to be a Fantastic Year in the self storage industry!

Quick note for those who may need to rent a self storage unit, the Winter months are typically the slow season in self storage industry, making now a good time to rent storage space. Call San Clemente Self Storage today and check out our self storage specials at 949-366-1133.



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