Self Storage REITs – Rebound in February 2014

The self storage industry is starting to have a nice rebound in 2014.  Since the beginning of January 2014, the year to date publicly traded Self Storage REITs have a combine share price increase return 9.16%.  The current leader in the sector is ExtraSpace, showing a 12.25% increase year to date increase as of February 10, 2013.

February 10 2013 REIT  Benchmark

Over the past decade, self storage investments have proven to have the best overall return on investment in the USA publicly traded Commercial Real Estate Real Estate Investment Trusts.

The self storage business is fairly recession proof.  Meaning that in times of transition, which recessions create – people moving due to job displacement etc… self storage meets that intermediate storage solutions created by a recessionary environment.

Storage in San Clemente CA

San Clemente Self Storage is a perfect example of a self storage facility that can help people during times of transition. For example, 15% of the tenants in the San Clemente Self Storage facility are military personnel. San Clemente Self Storage offers military discounts and understands the special self storage needs arising out of a deployment.

San Clemente Self Storage is perfect solution for people or businesses seeking storage in San Clemente CA.  Give us a call today at 949-366-1133.