Self Storage in Germany?

There are over 50,000 self storage facilities in the United States servicing a population of approximately 314 million people. In Germany, there are approximately 60, according to the Association of German self storage companies.  The first self storage facility in Germany opened a short decade ago. The Pioneer was the Austrian company Myplace, which has now 21 stores, with three more are under construction.

Self Storage GermanyIt is hard to imagine only 60 – servicing  approximately 82 million people.  

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Self Storage REITs – Great 2nd Quarter 2013 Numbers

Self Storage REITs

2013 Continues to Be a Great Year for the Self Storage Industry

New statistics recently released by the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (NAREIT) show that the top 4 Self Storage REITs are showing very strong financial numbers in 2013.  For the first 7 months of this year, as a group, the self storage REITs posted a 12.7 percent gain, placing the Industry only second in the United States REIT Real Estate Trust Industry to The Lodging and Resorts sector which showed a 16.6 percent return.

Self Storage REITs- 2nd Quarter 2013 Results

REITs 2nd Qtr 2013 Results

According to MJPartners, Net income growth for the top 4 Self Storage REITs was reported at ranging between 8.4% to 13.1%.  Additionally, same store revenue increases were seen at 5.1% to 9.0% and  occupancy levels reached over 90% for each public company.

Time To Rent a Storage Unit

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Self Storage Industry – Which Metro Area is Over Built?

Most Overbuilt Self Storage Marketplace in the USA?

Supply vs.DemandAccording to Commercial real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield, the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area appears to be overbuilt when compared to other areas of the United States. The Dallas-Fort Worth area has one storage unit per 5.5 household compared to 7.6 households located in the top 50 US metro areas.  Additionally, according to MiniCo Insurance Agency ( a specialty Self Storage Insurance provider) the Dallas-Fort Worth area has held be the leader of self storage units sense 2005.

It is interesting to note that the National average of households per storage unit is approximately 1 out of 10, compared to 1 out of 16 in 1997.

San Clemente Self Storage Marketplace

There are 5 self storage facilities in the City of San Clemente, with approximately 2,600 storage units, the largest of which is San Clemente Self Storage that has 707 storage units. The most recent census shows that there are 23,906 households in San Clemente, resulting in 1 storage unit per 9.1 households.